My first blog post ever

Hey there, I am very pleased to join you all in this wonderful journey.

I am Nimmi S. If Nimmi is a bit difficult for you to pronounce ,call me N.

I have lots to tell you about my life. We will get to know each other gradually.

I am an Indian girl residing in India . I am born in a middle class family and I aspire to become a Chartered Accountant.

This is my first blog ever but it won’t surely be the last one . This is my first step in becoming a professional blogger.

So you know what it means to me and I would love to know your feedbacks and your suggestions on my posts.

Basically, I am a big time sleeper. I guess , if given the freedom , we all are. But there’s nothing special about sleeping, isn’t it?

The only interesting thing about my being asleep are my dreams. Now we say dreams are reflection of our thoughts .

Dreams are our personal parallel universes

But my dreams are random events which I could never think of in my awake time.

They are like a completely new story every single time with a plot and with characters.

The stories are of different genre but they are worth remembering.

So for my own good , I decided to record these stories. As soon as I wake up ,when my dreams are still fresh in my head, I record them on my phone.

I have been doing these for months and now I can record them even when I am half asleep.

One day while I was listening into these recordings(which I generally do on Saturdays) I thought how wonderful it would be to share it with you.

And here we are.

I will be posting my dream stories once a week a week(for now) preferably on Saturdays.

I am eccentric to invite you into my life. Also thankyou for allowing me to join your family.

I am open to all kinds of comments and suggestions .Your feedbacks are super important to me.

Thank you once again and let’s meet the next Saturday.

SHUBH DIWAS (Have a good day).